As well as cupolas, vaults are characterized by curved lines and a touch of classic elegance.

Vault as light splitter

They can be either simple or decorated. The special feature of vaults consists in their curvature, which is able to convey an effect of suffused light even tough the vault is not decorated and, in case of a sequence of vaults, a pleasant chiaroscuro play is created.

Other products


The boiserie are decorative plaster stuccos that find their original application in the furnishings of 17th and 18th century France and specifically in the palace


Plaster gypsum mouldings can be used to create panels on walls and ceilings. Plaster gypsum mouldings Mouldings can be either simple and straight or decorated


Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum. Borders, edges and margins Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum that confer major


Curved and round base cupolas (the most common ones) create an amplified space effect, giving more spaciousness and elegance to every environment. Round base cupolas

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