Italian Art Decoration¬†provides its clients with a wide range of stucco cornices for both ceilings and walls, able to satisfy any design request and to enhance at best every space, depending on the client’s tastes and stylistic demands.

Gypsum cornices

False boiseries on walls or ceiling panels can be made by using plaster gypsum cornices, and they may either frame mirrors, paintings, painted canvas, frescos or edge band doors or embellish fireplaces.

Cornice’s peculiar applications

Some of these gypsum frames may also be combined with corners to be applied on curved walls such as arches or vaults.

Other products


The boiserie are decorative plaster stuccos that find their original application in the furnishings of 17th and 18th century France and specifically in the palace


Plaster gypsum mouldings can be used to create panels on walls and ceilings. Plaster gypsum mouldings Mouldings can be either simple and straight or decorated


Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum. Borders, edges and margins Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum that confer major


Curved and round base cupolas (the most common ones) create an amplified space effect, giving more spaciousness and elegance to every environment. Round base cupolas

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