Plaster gypsum mouldings can be used to create panels on walls and ceilings.

Plaster gypsum mouldings

Mouldings can be either simple and straight or decorated in different styles; these decorations are very easy to apply and they fill the space with a “suffused light” effect.

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The boiserie are decorative plaster stuccos that find their original application in the furnishings of 17th and 18th century France and specifically in the palace


Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum. Borders, edges and margins Borders include edges and margins made of decorative gypsum that confer major


Curved and round base cupolas (the most common ones) create an amplified space effect, giving more spaciousness and elegance to every environment. Round base cupolas


This accessory of classic design enables to join the curved surface of columns with the straight and precise line of the lintel. Capitals and lintels


IAD’s plaster bas-reliefs are unique sculptural representations able to embellish any space. Plaster bas-reliefs Bas-reliefs are chosen by clients who want to provide the environment

Decorative panels

Plaster gypsum decorative panels are figurative paintings of contemporary feel used to decorate modern spaces. Plaster gypsum decorative panels They may be applied individually or


Even simple elements like shelves can be enriched with our decorations, helping to make a unique environment. Decorated shelves Shelves can be either simple or


As well as cupolas, vaults are characterized by curved lines and a touch of classic elegance. Vault as light splitter They can be either simple


Thanks to the abilities and creativity of its craftsmen, Italian Art Decoration can provide its clients with any plaster gypsum ornament, from the most traditional to the


Decorative columns with either a smooth or striped surface are internally hollow and they are often used to support decorative arches. Decorative columns Italian Art


Plaster gypsum rosaces are usually applied on ceilings or chandeliers to convey a sense of majesty. Plaster gypsum rosaces There are different types and models


IAD‘s Plaster gypsum friezes are small decorations that can be inserted in reduced spaces. Plaster gypsum friezes Plaster gypsum friezes are small decorations that can

Frame corners

Corner elements that complete frames and whose motifs are usually repeated. Corner decorations are normally used to create panels on walls and ceilings.


Italian Art Decoration provides its clients with a wide range of stucco cornices for both ceilings and walls, able to satisfy any design request and to

Overdoor or Sopraporta

An “overdoor” (or “supraporte” as in German, or “sopraporta” as in Italian) is a bas-relief or decorative panel, generally in a horizontal format, that is

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